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Introducing The Complete Guide to PC Gaming – PC Gamer

You may have noticed that we’ve recently published a handful of stories explaining the basics of PC gaming. Things like how to build a gaming PC, a glossary of hardware terms, and a love letter to PC gaming itself. That’s no accident. 

We at PC Gamer are proud to present, in partnership with Razer, The Complete Guide to PC Gaming, a series of guides, how-tos, and deep dives into PC gaming’s core concepts. Over the coming months, we’ll be covering everything from the basics of maintaining a clean and healthy system to more complex subjects such as overclocking, modding, and custom liquid cooling. Our goal is to build a one-stop shop for all PC gamers, whether you’re a veteran of the platform or you can barely tell a CPU from an SSD.

Many of the topics will pertain to the thing most central to PC gaming itself—the PC—but we’ll also be diving into non-hardware topics such as a guide to every PC gaming genre, what you need to know about different retailers, and how to take great-looking PC screenshots. There’s much more to come, and it’s all being made possible by Razer, which stepped up to support this months-long project.

Getting started

PC building 101

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